What will be the fate of Kowsar Mahmoudi’s 12-year-old sister Shilan in PJAK?

The approach of militant groups such as PJAK in the use of children in war is contrary to their commitment under the Geneva Convention not to use children under the age of 18.

Perhaps the deception and abduction of Kurdish teenagers, youth and, of course, children, and then arming and using them for the purposes and interests of the leaders of militant groups such as PJAK and the PKK, is the only achievement and gift of those claiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people.

In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

The PKK / PJAK has long been arguing for child soldiers, but more importantly, these groups deceive and arm underage children and adolescents.

But the question is, what is the reason for the sudden announcement of the death of these children even a few years after their death?

According to statistics released in recent years, more than 50 percent of those killed were child soldiers.

What is it that makes these children quickly announce the names of those killed in the war by the PKK media after several months of membership?

What is hidden behind this news? Is the PKK trying to destroy the identities of children by announcing this news so that it can use them in its secret operations?

According to what custom and logic can it be accepted that a militant group such as PKK / PJAK exploits a 12-year-old girl to join them and use her in line with the goals and objectives of the leaders of this group?

What will happen to this young girl and how she will be treated during her stay is a very important question that is definitely the daily concern of the Mahmoudi family.

Is PJAK using Shilan Mahmoudi as its own soldier and military force on the battlefields of Syria and Iraq?

Does she, like the other girls and women in PJAK, have to do hard and exhausting work every day?

Do PJAK leaders care about the future and destiny of her and other underage girls (people under the age of 18, regardless of their gender)?

Based on the past performance of the PKK / PJAK, the answer to such questions is very clear and there is no need to open the issue further and go into further detail.

What should be better noted is that the roots of recruitment and recruitment for such groups should be dried up and the repetition of such events for others should be prevented.

“Kowsar Mahmoudi”, who has returned to his normal life today, is thinking 24/7 about the fate of her sister and is under psychological pressure because she caused her sister to join this group and lead her life in an unknown direction, in a group that by international law was not allowed to accept her recruitment in the first place.

But what have human rights organizations done to help this family and the person of “Shilan Mahmoudi” who was only 12 years old when she joined?

Isn’t this just enough to prove the use of children by the PKK / PJAK in court?

What do international courts and human rights organizations like Amnesty International and the UN Human Rights Council do about this?

We request that any person, organization or organization that has information about the vague and unknown fate of “Shilan Mahmoudi” in PJAK raise with the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan so that we can follow the situation of in PJAK, and of course keep the families of the victims informed on the status of their child.

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