Suicide of girls in separatist groups

Suicide of women and girls in emerging groups and religions has become a normal phenomenon today.

Suicide, as one of the forms of harm and social deviations, is a problem that all societies, both advanced and developing, are facing, and the increase in the suicide rate has brought increasing concern to today’s societies. There is no doubt that one of the important factors that has given the study of suicide a far wider dimension than before is the increase in its rate in most countries of the world, especially during the last few decades, and the statistics indicate that the emerging sects and religions also It should be placed in the first row of suicides.

In this article, we try to investigate the causes of suicide of women and girls in the separatist groups of Iranian Kurdistan. The number of suicides of young women and girls in Qandil mountains is very staggering, although the group has tried to inform women’s suicides in the form of war dead or in some cases, to prevent such news from appearing.

With the passing of the traditional society and the development and modernization of societies, man has faced many advances in life such that the average age of man has increased by ten years or even more in the 20th century.

In the Kurdish regions, especially in the provinces of Kermanshah and Ilam, many women and girls are looking for a logical and reasonable solution to get rid of gender, social and tribal discrimination.

The existence of a traditional fabric and clans in the rural areas of Iranian Kurdistan take away any mobility from women and they are discriminated against due to the violation of their rights and lack of literacy. In rural societies, patriarchy stifles any female voice in an extreme way. In provinces such as Kurdistan and Kermanshah, where the traditional culture, which has negative characteristics and wrong customs, is still dominant, and the mental readiness to give women the right to divorce and make decisions has not been established.

PKK and PJAK have also exploited these shortcomings of Kurdistan society and social crises regarding women and mocked the nature of women with slogans such as equality between men and women or women’s feminism.

The ideology and thought flow of PKK and PJAK have been able to liberate many women and girls from the traditional and patriarchal lives of Kurdistan society, but have women who have been freed from the domination of traditional thoughts and gender discrimination in Kurdistan society have their legitimate rights in Have the group arrived?

Unfortunately, many women and girls were deceived by the slogans of PKK and PJAK and went to Qandil mountains to experience freedom. The equality of men and women, the conventional ideology of PKK and PJAK is quite tangible and evident, the employment of women and girls in men’s hard work or in unequal wars questions the essence of women.
PKK and PJAK have destroyed women’s affection and tenderness and made them look like violent and hard-hearted men. And this itself is considered the basis of women’s suicide.

Women’s sexual slavery is considered one of the most central issues of women’s suicide in PKK and PJAK. Now women’s freedom and women’s feminism culture have turned militia groups into brothels.

There are many documents about immorality and moral corruption in separatist groups. The presence of young and beautiful girls of Asrin Mohammadi among teenage and young boys and the absence of any special rules in relationships and not being bound by human values has turned the group into hell.

Women and girls who are members of PJAK- who, according to a traditional and backward society – were never able to return to their normal lives due to fear, shame or their reputation, and they do not say anything about the rape by these groups so that the facts can be revealed. did This group has only been able to deceive some uneducated and poorly educated people and after brainwashing them, do something that people cannot easily separate from it, that is, it has closed the way for them to return to society. PJAK deceives the simple Kurdish girls of the village with mouth-filling words.

PKK and PJAK use in suicide operations with girls who suffer from mental and psychological diseases as a result of insults and sexual assaults. These girls, who have reached the end of the line, consider death the only way to save them and are ready to end their lives by wearing explosive belts. According to statistics, all PKK suicide operations have been carried out by women.

Now this is the result that the slogan of women’s autonomy and feminism by PKK and PJAK is for the pleasure of sick men and women are a tool for men.

It is also very necessary and important to express this point, because the same men of the PKK and PJAK groups came out of the same traditional and backward families and instead of improving themselves intellectually and communicating with the world around them, they lived in the heart of the mountains and valleys. armed and looking for bloodshed and killing of humanity.

Now it is clear that the high suicide rate in PKK and PJAK is the outdated thoughts of the group’s men who view women as slaves.

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