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Suicide of girls in separatist groups

Suicide of women and girls in emerging groups and religions has become a normal phenomenon today. Suicide, as one of the forms of harm and social deviations, is a problem that all societies, both advanced and developing, are facing, and the increase in the suicide rate has brought increasing concern to today’s societies. There is […]

Siamand Moeini needs to accept responsibility for the crimes and wrongdoings of PJAK / Part One

As observed by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, on Monday night, November 24, 2021, Mr. Siamand Moeini, the head of the PJAK armed and militant group (a branch of the PKK terrorist group), who has been working against the Islamic Republic from the heart of Europe (Stockholm, Sweden), while himself avoiding the dangers of […]

Basnews Agency: “PJAK killed 13-year-old Asrin”

A report by the Barzani-affiliated Basnews Agency has investigated the kidnapping of Kurdish children by the PKK / PJAK. The report of this news agency states that “PKK abducts, arms the Kurdish children in Iranian Kurdistan and kills those who try to escape.” The report goes on to say, “According to information received by Basnews, […]

The peculiar story surrounding the tragedic death of Asrin Mohammadi

By Hedwig Kuijpers / https://medium.com At last, after two years of appealing by Iran-based Human Rights watchdogs, the silence on the fate of Asrin Mohammadi – lovingly nicknamed Sonia by her parents – is broken. Yet, the news of her death as published by PJAK raises new questions on her case. The 13-year old girl […]