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Dr. Evan Kohlman: Digital terrorism is dangerous

Dr. Evan Kohlman, NBC Terrorism Analyst, considers the issue of digital terrorism as dangerous. Given the widespread use of media including television, social media by terrorist groups to promote terrorist targets, recruit members and train individuals, the need for effective control over these media is increasingly felt. Dr. Kohlman talks about the self-regulation of individuals […]

PKK’s history on child-killing in two minutes

The PKK has a black history of killing children. Public outrage over PKK child-abuse increased after the group targeted two Kurdish children in Dersim in July 2019. Ayaz Guloğlu, 8, and his 4-year-old sister were killed when a bomb planted by the PKK at a children’s play area was exploded. Ayaz died, but his sister […]

In an interview with Fox News, Robin Sincax: Terrorism funding in the West should be targeted

According to numerous reports by the International Narcotics Police, the PKK is the main source of drug trafficking to Europe. “Terrorist groups in Europe are a very, very serious threat, and this is only limited to certain countries, such as France, England, Spain or Germany, it is a threat for all Europe,” Robin Sincax, a […]

TRT Reporter: PJAK is separatist and terrorist; targets civilians

In a report, TRT says “to understand why the PKK is on the terrorist list of many countries, we have to look at its past. In the 1970s, a group of Marxist-Leninist students led by Abdullah Ocalan founded the group in eastern and southeastern Turkey. They named the group the PKK and announced their goal […]

Factchecking website: PKK headquarters are sex slave centers

In a report and quoting a number of female members of the PKK who fled the PKK, the factchecking website says “the PKK claims to be for the freedom of the women, while the women being the main victims, even within the organization itself”. The website report is based on interviews with female and former […]

Omer Kablan: US Supporting PKK means supporting terrorism

In a interview, Omar Kablan introduced the PKK while citing US State Department and Amnesty International reports, saying as US support for the PKK means supporting terrorism in Syria. “The PKK is on the US-EU terrorist list and has killed more than 40,000 people. It has been recruiting child soldiers, committed ethnic cleansing and genocide […]

US warns YPG on Idlib

The United States have warned the People’s Defense Units (YPG) – the PKK’s armed wing in Syrian Kurdistan – that it will not protect it against Turkish attacks if YPG intervenes in the Idlib war. Murad Yetkin, a journalist from Turkey’s Hurrayat journal, writes about the Syrian Army’s war Idlib saying as the US asked […]
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