PKK’s history on child-killing in two minutes

The PKK has a black history of killing children. Public outrage over PKK child-abuse increased after the group targeted two Kurdish children in Dersim in July 2019. Ayaz Guloğlu, 8, and his 4-year-old sister were killed when a bomb planted by the PKK at a children’s play area was exploded. Ayaz died, but his sister died in hospital. It should be said that this war for killing the children began in 1984 and the list of children killed by the PKK is long. The PKK has killed several tens of thousands of people so far, carrying out more than 80,000 attacks. Bomb blasting on the pathes and places is one of its most common methods. Here are a few cases in the Kurdish region:
Pinjaric: On June 20, 1987, the PKK murdered 16 children and six women.
Haraberk: On July 8, 987, the group killed nine people, including six children and two women.
Panjik: On July 8, 1987, it killed 16 people, including nine children and three women.
Milan: On August 18, 1987, it killed 25 people, including 14 children and four women.
Javizdali: On October 1, 1992, the PKK murdered 30 people, including 10 children and eight women.
Derinja: On October 21, 1993, it killed 24 people, including 13 children and eight women.
Thus, it was referred to as a “child-killer”. It still continues this disgusting act. In 2014, for example, when Yassin Boro, a 16-year-old, refused to cooperate with them, the PKK members shot him and two friends in the street dead while they young were distributing themeat for Qorban feast.
On August 15, 2015, a Kurdish teenager namely FiratSimil was targeted. Firat left home for the grocery shop in the alley, but he never returned. Even Murad Karayilan claimed responsibility for the move. Firat was killed by a bomb planted in the alley. His mother came out when she heard the sound of the bomb, but it was too late.
Reports indicate that 2016 was bloodier because the group killed more than 250 civilians.
Eren Bulbul,15-year-old, was killed in the Black Sea region of Tarabzon and so another mother lost her son. In one case last year, Serkan Karakaya didn’t know he would not see his wife and 9-month-old son again when he said goodbye to them. The PKK exploded their car with a bomb. Serkan lost his wife and son.
The PKK’s crime series of killing is still ongoing.
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