Turkey imprisons Kurdish clergyman for speaking Kurdish

The book “Moloud” (Birth letter) by prominent Kurdish poet and cleric Mullah Hassan Bateyi was written in 19 chapters and in the form of music and poetry n 15th century, it is in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Since then, moloud-reading ceremonies, especially at the birthday of the Great Prophet of Islam, have been recited in all mosques in Kurdish areas and are of great importance.

Mullah Ali Buchanak, a 76-year-old Kurdish Cleric in Turkey, was arrested in Qars, eastern Turkey, for reading Moloud in the mosque and sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison. The reason for sentencing was reading the Moloud in “a language other than Turkish”.

Despite medical reports saying as Mullah Ali was very old, the judge insisted on imprisoning him. Mullah Ali died in prison due to his old age and poor prison condition yesterday, and once again it became clear that Turkey’s enmity against the Kurds and the Kurdish language has no end.

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