TRT Reporter: PJAK is separatist and terrorist; targets civilians

In a report, TRT says “to understand why the PKK is on the terrorist list of many countries, we have to look at its past. In the 1970s, a group of Marxist-Leninist students led by Abdullah Ocalan founded the group in eastern and southeastern Turkey. They named the group the PKK and announced their goal of dismantling the regional governments and establishing an independent Kurdish state.”

The reporter went on to say that Ocalan fled to Syria and the Bekka Valley and established PKK headquarters. In 1984, it launched a military operation, setting fire to villages, abducting children, blowing up cars, and killing civilians. In the 1990s, PKK attacks went beyond the borders of Turkey. “The group staged demonstrations and illegal actions in Europe that led to violence.”

“The US State Department listed the PKK as a terrorist at the same time and reported that the PKK was active in criminal activities, drug trafficking and organized crime”. The report said. “Turkey expelled Ocalan under pressure from Syria, so the PKK moved its headquarters to Qandil mountains in northern Iraq.”

“The PKK has various branches, including the PYD for Syria and the PJAK, which conducts terrorist operations against Iranian civilians. All of these branches use violence to advance the PKK’s violent agenda,” the report said. “Even the PKK did not tolerate the peace process and unilaterally violated the ceasefire in 2015.” The aim of the peace process was to end the deaths that have claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people so far. On the other hand, with the support of the United States for the PKK under the name of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the situation worsened. After the liberation of Raqqa, this force raised the picture of Ocalan and proved that it is the PKK. The PKK has criminal networks in the Middle East and Europe now, while 70% of the PKK’s funding coming from drug trafficking and distribution in Europe. Human Rights Watch, UN Human Rights Council have repeatedly reported the killing and exploitation of children, ethnic cleansing, widespread human rights abuses by the PKK, and as long as the West supports the PKK, all people in the region will suffer from the PKK.”

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