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Ayda Hassan, Yazidi Girl: The Peshmerga raped us

In this video, a human rights activist interviews Ayda Hassan, a Yazidi girl from Sinjar/Shangal. Ayda Hassan, along with several other Yazidi girls, went to an official center of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to complain about the Peshmerga, but she said, instead of settling the problem, we were slapped and beaten by the official.The […]

Abdurrahim Sonmezler: PKK turns schools into arsenals

On his twitter account, Abdurrahim Sonmezler, a political analyst, focused on a number of PKK acts and wrote: “-PKK / PKK terrorist group recruits the children as soldiers, -The group uses schools as weapons and ammunition arsenals, – Senior leaders of the PKK even rape 12-year-old female members, -The annual income of this group from […]

Vakkas Dogantekin: PKK / YPG commit shameless acts

On his Twitter account, Vakkas Dogantekin, a journalist, criticized the PKK and pointed to its branches: “Following US efforts to legitimize PKK / YPG terrorists, the group is committing atrocities. The PKK is doing this under US supervision in Syria.” “The arbitrary killing of civilians, the abduction of children and their recruitment as child soldiers […]

Factchecking website: PKK headquarters are sex slave centers

In a report and quoting a number of female members of the PKK who fled the PKK, the factchecking website says “the PKK claims to be for the freedom of the women, while the women being the main victims, even within the organization itself”. The website report is based on interviews with female and former […]

Rape by Turkish army officials

Last night, citizens of Shirnak, Turkey, caught a Turkish sergeant major A. A. when they heard his victim, a 13-yr old local girl, screaming for help. The sergeant major attempted to rape the girl. The attack has caused great outcry by the local population and does not come alone, as the life-threatening condition of an […]