“Child soldiers are cheaper to recruit”

In an exclusive interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), Adam Ismail Ahmad, a Political Scientist and Founder of Connect African Development Project Initiative (CADPI2020), an NGO, Working On achieving Five thematic areas OF SDGs 4,3,1and 6 thus: Quality Education,Good Health,No Poverty and Clean Water and sanitation, examined the situation of child soldiers in violent areas impacted by armed conflict. He referred to the development, especially the education of the children in such areas.

Asked why most armed groups such as the PKK / PJAK, although they know that the recruitment of child soldiers is illegal but continue to do it, Mr. Adam Ismail Ahmad said, “Child soldiers are cheaper to recruit also they are innocent thus nobody will suspect them in times of conflict which makes them effective fighters.”

Pointing to an important factor that could be effective in stopping the recruitment of child soldiers in violent areas so that children go to school instead of war, the Political Scientist stressed the importance of ” eradication of poverty”, which is closely linked to development. With lack of stability and security, one can not wait for development.

Referring to groups such as ISIS, the PKK / PJAK and their continuing to recruit child soldiers in the Middle East by depriving children of education, and whether this is a real threat to the future of children, the Political Scientist added ” it’s a not just a danger to the future of the kids but also of the nation.”

The PKK / PJAK is on the US / EU terrorist list, but its members operate freely in Europe. This group uses children as suicide bombers. This Western policy is practically contradictory. “Partly because they are secular movement not Islamic armed group plus their activities isn’t always in the news since they are an ethnic group wanting independence,” says Adam Ismail Ahmad.

“I honestly don’t have an answer because armed conflict disrupts everything, education under such conditions will be stressful for everyone unless the kids are moved out of the environment plagued by armed conflict.”

“Thousands of children are recruited and used in armed conflicts across the world. Often referred to as “child soldiers,” these boys and girls suffer extensive forms of exploitation and abuse that are not fully captured by that term. Warring parties use children not only as fighters, but as scouts, cooks, porters, guards, messengers and more. Many, especially girls, are also subjected to gender-based violence,” Adam Ismail Ahmad added.

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