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The sad story of Behzad Azarish; a Kurdish Kolbar, victim to PKK and PJAK terrorists

Recently, the PKK terrorist group released the names of 5 of its dead members, as usual, a few months later. Unfortunately, one of those killed was an Iranian Kurdish citizen who fell victim to the group. Behzad Azarish with the code name Ardal Judi, according to the group’s website, was killed in Matina, Iraqi Kurdistan […]

Ibrahim Badal: PKK kidnapped my daughter five years ago

As a Yazidi Kurdish citizen, Ibrahim Badal is one of dozens of victims of the PKK’s illegal presence in Sinjar/Shangal. Following ISIS’s attack on the area and the Kurdistan Region peshmerga’s fleeing, the PKK used the power vacuum and settled in this area. Dozens of Yazidi Kurds have so far demanded in various reports and […]

Dayik Bahar: “PKK is a continuation of ISIS”

Dayik Bahar is the name of a Yazidi woman activist against PKK child abduction in Shangal. In a video, she revealed the PKK’s anti-human activities and called for help in confronting the group. “I am Dayik Bahar. I am talking to you about the Shangal/Sinjar region. I want my voice to be heard everywhere. Greetings […]

Hassan Abdullah: Kurdish mothers protest against the PKK continues non-stop

Hassan Abdullah, a correspondent for the English-language diplomatic service of the TRT, gave a live report in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey summarizing the PKK terrorist acts while he points to the past years and focuses on the issue of child abduction. This reporter points to the presence […]

Songul Altuntash: PKK has eradicated Kurdish youth

Songul Altuntash, mother of a Kurdish soldier abducted by the PKK is in front of the office of the HDP in Diyarbakir, she started angrily protests and addressed one of the HDP officials. “Your organization has left no youth in Diyarbakir. They are either in prison or buried,” she said locally. The Kurdish mother says […]
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