New cynical record-breaking; The PKK announces of the death of its Iranian recruits 21 months late

The PKK is a specialist at massacres. The victims by this group are mostly Kurds. Wherever the PKK has been present; in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran; the groups has harmed the Kurds who have been killed and have finally gained nothing but destruction, misery and displacement. What are the achievements of the PKK? Neither an independent Kurdistan was established, nor the Kurds achieved their rights in Turkey nor the other meaningless slogans of the PKK have been realized. Nothing.

The group, which had previously announced the deaths of its Iranian recruits with a delay of several months, has recently broken its own cynical record. The PKKK-affiliated Firat News Agency has confirmed the death of Iranian PKK members 21 months later to prove that family, human life and even the bodies of members are of no value for the group. Delays in providing information on the status of PKK members, especially whether they are alive or not, can be examples of enforced disappearances. This issue has been recognized as an international crime since 2006 and has been emphasized by international organizations, especially the UN Human Rights Council. The importance of this issue is reflected in various documents, including the Convention for the Protection of All Persons against Enforced Disappearance, and international and human rights organizations have even, under certain circumstances, considered it a crime against humanity. It is of course quite normal for a terrorist group with a history of extortion, kidnapping of children, rape against its members, assassination of teachers to commit such crimes.

Imagine a family member somehow joins an armed group like the PKK. The news of this group’s conflict is constantly reported in the media, but the family is not able to receive any information on the fate of the kidnapped member. Nobody knows where he/she lives. How is his/her health conditions? Is that person alive or was he/she killed in clashes? These and dozens of other questions are issues that the families of the PKK recruits’ families have always faced. Such a situation by the armed groups bother the victims’ families. This problem and the constant concern have been bothering Nureddin Mostafaei’s family codenamed as Dalil Bahoz for several years.

The Firat News Agency issued a statement on Saturday, March 13, 2021, announcing the names of the five PKK members killed in the Shamzinan area on July 1, 2019. As expected and according to the PKK’s black record, he is an Iranian national. Whenever the PKK delays announcing the death of its members, one must wait for the name of an Iranian Kurd among the victims. Nureddin Mostafaei’s case is a young Iranian citizen from Maku, who may have been kidnapped or deceived as a child. The other people killed in the PKK’s area are several young girls.

It is clear from the published images that the PKK deceived and abducted them as children. Now we have to ask the Firat News Agency: Is this the claim to freedom for women? Is this the liberation of Kurdish girls? The Firat News Agency, which occasionally abuses Zeinab Jalalian’s case to continue its lies and deceitful oppression, must answer the question: If Zeinab Jalalian was not in prison, would she have met a better fate than dying in the mountains and getting lost? The PKK has been refusing to disclose information about its killed recruits deaths in the conflict for the last years, or has been announcing their being killed with a delay of several years, thereby bothering many families. Families are unaware of the fate of their children and have been in a state of uncertainty for a long time.

Various examples of this phenomenon in the PKK have been observed in recent years. Announcing the death of eight people affiliated with the PKK in an operation in the Syrian city of Hol and the Tashrin Dam in 2015 and 2106, which were announced five years later in April 2020, is just one example. Amanj Shabani Batoush, Massoud Seyed Ahmadi, Jafar Pourang and… were among the Kurdish teenagers who were either abducted by the group as children or otherwise involved in armed activities.

Just playing the role of propaganda and announcing the killing of PKK forces, the Firat News Agency, has not explained why an Iranian member of the group was killed in June 2016, why the news of his death must be announced very late. Why should the PKK announce the death of its forces, especially Iranian members, with a delay of several months? Is there a possibility of internal killings? Did these forces intend to escape and were killed after realizing the dirty and terrorist nature of the PKK/PJAK? Why does the PKK not deliver their bodies to their families? Basically, why should an Iranian become a victim of the PKK-Turkey war in a third region? These questions have been repeatedly asked from the PKK by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) and other human rights organizations; but the group’s reaction has been silence, accusations, false propaganda, and the continued abduction, deception, and recruitment of Iranian children and adolescents. The group continues to play its role as the most important murderer of the Kurds in Iran.

The Firat News Agency has, of course, been foolish by publishing pictures of Nureddin as a child soldier proving the reports of the IKHRW sayins as the PKK kidnaps Kurdish children and have them killed in the war with Turkey, something having nothing to do with the Iranian Kurds, is right.

Nureddin is not and will not be the first and last Kurdish child victim of PKK/PJAK terrorism. Asrin Mohammadi, Benjamin Farajzadeh, Shayan Mohammadi, Salman Moradi and so on.

There are Iranian children and teenagers who were abducted to Qandil, while they should have been in the family and school, but even their bodies have not been returned to the country. In the meantime, the main task of the Iranian government is to defend the rights of its citizens strongly and to react the child-killer terrorists.

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