Father of two PJAK members: My wife died because of the separation of our children

Siamak and Diako Ahmadi were two brothers from Sanandaj who were deceived by PJAK forces in 2014 and joined this group. Diako was killed in 2018 and the family has no news about Siamak.
In an exclusive interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, the father of the two brothers (Awat Ahmadi) provided important information about how his two children joined PJAK.
Have you heard from Siamak? 
No, in a short phone call he told us he was alive, a few months after he joined the group and did not say which area he was. I do not know if he is alive now. I can not call his number. His number was a foreign number and I cannot dial it, and Siamak only spoke briefly. He only said he had been injured three times in the leg. We no longer have any information about my child. We do not even know where Diako is buried. We do not know whether we should just give a funeral ceremony for Siamak or not. Diako’s funeral ceremony was without a body as well, and months after he actually died. It is hard to say whether they are dead or alive at all.  In Siamak’s last phone call, I begged him to come back. But he sighed deeply and hung up the phone…
How did they become members of PJAK?

Diako went first and then Siamak followed him, he missed his brother so much. I do not know how PJAK came into our lives, they never talked about politics nor do we have any acquiantances in these groups. They made life hell for us and destroyed our family…
How is the family? 
My wife had a stroke after our second son disappeared, and lost both her kidneys last fall. She died out of longing for her children.
What are you doing now?

I’m not feeling well at all. I wished to hear from Diako once, but it was not possible. I have come to accept that he is really dead, but I want my second son Siamak back home. I now watch satellite channels and networks 24 hours a day (the TV channels affiliated to the group) in hope to hear something about Siamak or catch a glimpse of him. My only daughter has married and gone.
Diako Ahmadi was killed on the 12th of July, 2018 in Bitlis, Turkey. PKK had provided him with the nom de guerre ‘Hemlet Dersim’.
The photos in this article were published by PKK-affiliated media below his announcement of death. Awat Ahmadi, Diako’s father, requests anyone that has information on Siamak’s whereabouts or status to inform him. He says that desperation is slowly killing him.



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