Brother of killed PJAK member: No obituary to be found, yet PJAK claims Ibrahim Yazdi is dead

Ebrahim Yazdi is one of hundreds of young Iranian Kurds who were deceived by PJAK and joined this armed group, and there is no news about him now. PJAK claims that he was killed in the war with Turkey, but did not return his body to his family or determine his burial place. Strange enough, for every member killed in action there is an announcement to be found, but for Ibrahim Yazdi there is no trace of an obituary.

Ebrahim Yazdi’s brother, in an interview with a reporter of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, told us of his deception and membership in PJAK.


Sudden absence

“Ibrahim was a very down-to-earth boy and never had any interest in joining armed groups or armed activities. He was a calm boy, always on his own, our family was a middle-class family, and we had almost no economic problems. Ibrahim himself was a welder, I remember recently that he decided to go to Kish and work there, the last day I saw Ibrahim, my motorcycle broke down and I had to borrow Ibrahim’s motorcycle to go to work

It was almost late at night when I returned home to hand over the motorbike to Ibrahim, but my mother said that Ibrahim had returned home at noon, so it was likely that he would return by tomorrow morning. But he did not return. No matter how much we called his cell phone, it was switched off.

I thought that he might have gone to Kish and because he was going to go there with one of his friends, I called that friend, but he said yes, we were going to go to Kish next week, but I do not know about him either! This is where our concern started…”


Permanent suspect: PJAK

“We were really worried about Ibrahim and we looked for him everywhere. We went wherever you thought of it. Eventually we thought of PJAK elements who sometimes entered the villages and took some young people with them. These things happened in the villages around us, and we were worried that Ibrahim had also been deceived by PJAK.

We found a group of them with difficulty and through several intermediaries, and they stated that Ibrahim was one of several youngsters a passing group had taken them with them. For this reason, my parents rushed to Iraq, but contrary to the initial statements of those people inside Iran, those who were in Iraq, in the Qandil headquarters, strongly denied Ibrahim’s presence there and sent my parents away.”

Numerous family trips to Iraq

“My parents traveled to different parts of Iraq several more times, but again PJAK members denied Ibrahim’s presence there. They visited multiple camps to look if he’s there. We have been interested in my brother for a long time, and we would go wherever we could and research him. My parents even got lost walking in the mountains and valleys several times, but there was no more news of Ibrahim. That time was so hard for my father and his son was waiting for him that he could not bear it anymore and unfortunately he died longing for his son.”

Announcement of death

Almost a few months after my father’s death, a friend suddenly informed us that Ibrahim’s name had been announced as one of the people killed in the Turkish war! We followed the news several times and saw the photo and profile of our brother as a person who was in the PKK and was killed in the war with Turkey.

But none of us believed it. That’s why we went to Iraq again, they did not give us a clear answer and they said we do not know how and where he was killed, just know that your son was killed and no longer exists. Could it be that all of us were looking for Ibraham among them, but they kept denying his presence! But what happened that he was killed among them in the war with Turkey?

So where is his body? Where was he buried? Again, they did not respond to us other than threatening us and just said thank God that at least we will allow you to get out of here alive, do not look for Ibrahim anymore. He is dead. There was nothing we could do and we came back and we could never believe and accept Abraham’s death. For years, our mother has been waiting for her child and she gets a new disease every day.

I really do not know what to do! Is my brother alive or dead? If he was dead, they would at least show us his grave, so that my old mother would rest.… PJAK also withheld this from us…

Also, everyone can find the obituaries on the internet. My brother has never had an obituary….

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