Farzand Mazloumi: Iranian Kurd travels to Turkey for work, announced dead by PKK 3 months after

Farzand Mazlumi, a young Iranian Kurd, was forced to emigrate to Turkey and become a shepherd due to financial problems and lack of jobs in Iran.
Shortly after his stay in Turkey, the family lost contact with him, and it was finally revealed to acquaintances that the young man had been killed in the PKK’s war with Turkey.
Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch interview with Osman Mazloumi, brother of Farzand, more details about the death of this young man have been published.

Osman Mazlumi told the reporter that his brother Farzand went to Turkey, and worked there as a shepherd due to the lack of a job in Iran.

“My brother had no family problems and never had any background in any armed group, and he never had any interest in any of them or wanted to be active,” he said.

“The only reason my brother left Iran was to be able to work in Turkey for a while and earn money, and then to be able to immigrate to Europe. Turkey has become the launching pad of Iranians that want to go to Europe.”

Disconnection and family worries

“It had been a few months since my brother left, and we had been in touch for some time. He told me that he was working as a shepherd there, and we did not show much sensitivity, thinking that our brother was working. But some time passed but there was no more news about our brother.

We were worried, but we thought that he might have managed to get out of Turkey and reach a European country. Many throw away their phones when they cross the sea to Greece, or get arrested for a while when they reach Europe. In fact, we hoped this was what would happen, because that was his dream. He dreamt of Europe for years.”


News of being killed in the war with Turkey

“This wait lasted for almost 3 months, but the news that reached us was the news of my brother’s death, instead of the news of my brother’s stay in Europe.

We had no news of this tragic event until one of our friends, who was also very shocked, informed us whether one of our family members had become a member of PJAK ??! Knowing that our brother had gone to Turkey only to work and had no intention, we denied this until we searched the TV channels and found out that yes! Our brother was killed in Turkey.

How it is possible? How did they deceive him? Why should our brother be killed in Turkey and the Turkish army war? How was it that our brother, who knew nothing about these armed groups, wanted to be a member or even get killed so quickly? For this reason, I rushed to Turkey and after various searches, I found the hospital where my brother’s body was.

Unfortunately, the Turkish police told me there that your brother was killed in the war, but we could not deliver his body to you! I mean, I did not even bury my brother’s body in my country !!”


The silence of the PKK

“That’s why we had to bury him in Turkey. After that, I followed up on how and for what reason my brother became a member of this PKK group! But no one answered me.

PKK elements have not told us anything so far and have not provided any reason for my brother to be killed. This means that no one from this group has even contacted our family.

I do not know why and how my brother was a member of the PKK and then killed in this group.

My brother’s life and family are not important to this group at all. My brother was very young at the time. He had just finished his military service and had received his passport. He thought he could travel and see the world, find a good job and start a family in Europe.  These hellish groups changed the whole course of this young man’s life.

A life that does not matter to them and they easily sacrifice Iranian kids for their sick thoughts.

My brother was an Iranian, why should he be killed in Turkey ?! What is the reason for him to fight in Turkey ?! These are my everyday questions. Why should there be unemployment on the Iranian border for a young Kurd, and he has to go to Turkey to work and be killed there by the PKK?”

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