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Finaz and Bahauddin are still in mourning

Finaz and Bahauddin Hassanzadeh live in a deprived border village in Khoy city in West Azerbaijan province, Iran. Another deprivation was added to their life: they were deprived of seeing their son Muhammad forever. Mohammad was still a teenager who fell into the trap of the PKK / PJAK of death and could not escape. […]

Abdullah Hawez: More PKK die in the KRG than inside Turkey

Abdulla Hawez, a Kurdish analyst who writes exclusively on Kurdish issue, made an important point on his Twitter account that has received less attention. The Kurdish analyst writes, “Since 2020, the number of PKK casualties in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been higher than in Turkey itself since the beginning of the armed uprising […]

The call of Murad Karayilan and the girls’ response

Murad Karayilan, commander of the PKK’s armed wing and its affiliates, is seeking to make up for the loss of armed fighters following repeated PKK defeats in decades-old strategic locations in northern Iraq that killed many PKK members. Following the PKK’s call, its members tried hard and eventually abducted about a dozen underage girls, even […]

Hamid Jahangiri and the story of his trip to Kars

Hamid Jahangiri’s irreversible journey began when PKK / PJAK members deceived him in the village where he lived. Rostam and Banafsheh, his parents, were not aware of PJAK members meeting with Hamid in the village. They found out when it was too late. Although they went to PJAK headquarters in the foothills of the Kandil […]

“Shengal must be autonomous with a self-governing constitution”

With his statement on the 6th commemoration of the Yazidi massacre of the 3rd of August, 2014, SDF commander Mazloum Kobane, calls for the Yazidi people to have autonomy, with a self-governing constitution. Thousands of Yazidis have been murdered, enslaved, and many are still missing. Thousands still live in IDP camps throughout North-Iraq, unable to […]

From the Lebanese missing to the Kurds missing

A few days ago, a terrible bomb shook the Lebanese capital and left many homeless. In addition to killing more than 150 people, several thousand were injured. Some people also went missing. Many, including Kurdish activists, spoke and wrote about sympathy for the Lebanese people and called for an investigation. Expressing sympathy is right and […]

If Taleb Mohammadi was a Kolber …

These days, the so-called Kurdish human rights activists pretend to be very serious than ever and show off defending the Kolbars – the natural and legitimate rights of the Kolbars are right and are not denied. On the one hand, these human rights pretenders are silent on the killing of Kolbars by PJAK in the […]

Kamran had not even heard the name of Shengal, but …

Kamran Dalaei Milan, the son of Ismael and Shamam, was born in a deprived village of Maku city in the province of West Azerbaijan, Iran. He was still a student when he came across death dealers, members of the PKK / PJAK. He was kidnapped and taken away by trickery. After joining due to deception […]

Nechirvan Barzani: The PKK is abusing the Yazidis

“We will do our best to ensure the security and development of Sinjar,” said Nechirvan Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on the anniversary of ISIL’s massacre of the Yazidis. “The PKK has turned Sinjar into a field of illegal armed groups.” “It has made them the tools of its political agenda, regardless of […]

Issa has targeted his life!

Issa Shams never knew that he was going to put aside his pen, notebook and school books and take up arms in the mountains of Qandil and in the damp caves where PJAK members live, and to target his future and life. Issa, the son of Mustafa and Javaher, was born in a deprived village […]