Lost in PJAK: Idris Faraji (part 5)

In a special note to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, a former PJAK member examines the forced disappearance and death of Iranian Kurdish teenagers in the PJAK / PKK terrorist group, and provides the watchdog with specific information about them.

It is worth mentioning that all this information has been obtained from the official website of HPG, PKK’s Turkish military wing.

Name: Idris Faraji

Nom de guerre : Chekdar Zilan – Chekdar Marivan

City: Mariwan

Date of birth: 1989

Date of membership: 2006 (at the age of 17, as a child soldier and in violation of the principles of international law and human rights)

Date of death: 2012 – Bitliss, Turkey


I first saw him at the Mahsum Korkmaz Military School. With his young age and the characteristics of a teenager, he was set apart from the rest. He was isolated and could hardly speak and liked to escape from the crowded environment. He had only went to school until the second grade. He struggled with the ideological lessons, as he could not read and write well. He also struggled with the different Kurdish languages and the Turkish which was spoken a lot.

After the training, it was time to divide the forces. Chekdar was to be sent to Garzan in Bitlis, Turkey.

Both him and I were very surprised about the decision made by the commanders, since Garzan was a very dangerous area for a teenager. Mostly experienced fighters get send to Garzan, as it is located far away from the border with North-Iraq, and the terrain is very mountainous, cold, and hostile.



I tried to talk to Nurettin Sofi and convince him not to send Checkdar to Garzan. But to no avail.

Another teenager, Jamshid, was also sent to Garzan with Checkdar. They both were killed only three months later.

I remember Chekdar’s good voice, he sang very well, fluent in Kurdish and Persian.

But in the end, he was sent straight to an imminent death in foreign, unknown territory. His family has never been able to collect his remains.

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