Bakhshin Feysalullah

As her photo shows, she was still a teenager. The photo clearly shows her condition after joining PJAK / PKK. Bakhshin, the daughter of Jahangir and Marjan, was born in a remote border village of Khoy city, Iran, and poverty did not allow her to study more than the primary school.

After being abducted by PJAK, Bakhshin was trained in ideological classes and Kalashnikov training at the PKK / PJAK headquarters under the name of Delpak Azad. This is common in all sects, including the PKK. Is. At the end of the ideological training course, they have to swear to their arms and pictures of Ocalan to be killed for Abdullah Ocalan, as they chant the slogan “Life is not possible without Ocalan”.

Bakhshin was also targeted and killed in Turkish airstrikes in Qandil in February 2013.

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