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A Kurdish analyst in Darkamazi website: PKK is fascist

In response to the statements and actions of the PKK leaders and media, the analytical news website of Darkamazi, which operates in Kurdish and in the Kurdistan Region, has published the following analytical article, the translation of which is provided by Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch: “The PKK does not stop propaganda against the KRG. […]

PJAK on Twitter: We had Milad Ghobadi killed, too

In a post on a Twitter account, PJAK, a branch of PKK, announced the death of Milad Ghobadi, the son of Mohammad and Sahebeh, with the code name of Mazlum Judi, and from Kamyaran. According to PJAK, this young Iranian Kurd was killed in Haftanin in the Kurdistan Region near the Turkish border. The strange […]

A new Kurdish-Assyrian alliance

The northeastern part of Syria, or what has become known as the term ” east of the Euphrates “, is witnessing a political movement between the various forces opposing the Syrian government , as several political currents are heading to forge an alliance with them, while the Syrian Kurds are still trying to bridge the […]

Nasser Razazi: The Kurds are Iranians, not separatists

Nasser Razazi, a well-known singer who some time ago collaborated with Kurdish armed groups, including Komala, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and then sharply criticized their actions and broke away, published a video message in which he denied any Kurdish separatism and blamed others for accusing the Kurds of separatism. He […]

Trump and his unwanted ally; the Kurds

An Analysis of John Bolton’s Memoir I took the bullet for my dear readers and struggled myself through John Bolton’s 570-pages long memoir: ” The Room Where It All Happened “, to highlight the most important passages on the Kurds, of what the former national security adviser reveals about the Trump administration’s actions. Some passages […]

The Kurds as pawns on the political chessboard of Syria

By Hedwig Kuijpers The Complexity of realising Kurdish Unity Despite years of media suggesting otherwise, the Kurdish population do not have any unity, not between countries and not amongst themselves. In Turkey, the PKK has held the ‘Kurdish political monopoly’, as it was very careful not to let any other Kurdish parties grow. Up until […]

Shukri Yabato: Kurds of Turkey are not interested in their own language

The Turkish government’s policy towards the Kurds is very harsh and repressive. The country did not allow the Kurds to speak even for many years. It took various measures to eliminate the Kurds and turn them into Turks. There were various popular uprisings against the government, but it suppressed all. In the 1970s, various Kurdish […]

New Kurdish party announced in North-East Syria

PYD-affiliated news outlets have confirmed the formation of a new umbrella organization for Kurdish parties that operate in North-East Syria. The statement was as following: “25 political parties and movements in North-East Syria formed a political umbrella aimed at uniting the Kurdish rank called “Kurdish National Unity Parties.”” The text of a written statement included […]

France holds talks between PYD and ENKS

After the US-sponsored peace talks, a french delegation has met the rival Kurdish parties PYD and ENKS. Both the US and France are involved in a plan to reconcile the parties. Between ENKS and PYD many problems have occurred over the past few years. The parties have big ideological differences. PYD has arrested ENKS-members, closed […]
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