A new Kurdish-Assyrian alliance

The northeastern part of Syria, or what has become known as the term ” east of the Euphrates “, is witnessing a political movement between the various forces opposing the Syrian government , as several political currents are heading to forge an alliance with them, while the Syrian Kurds are still trying to bridge the gap between them.

The  Kurdish National Council (ENKS), Ahmad Jarba’s “Syrian Tomorrow” group, the archaeological organization, and the “Arab Council for Jazira and the Euphrates” will unite in a new political formation titled “Peace and Freedom Front”

Both the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Council (PYD) and the opposition parties (ENKD and factions) have a presence in the scenery of this most vital region in the Syrian geography, which has become the stage of rivalry between the Russians, Americans and Turks. All seek for political acknowledgement, as SDF looks for US support, and ENKS has aligned itself with the Turkish-backed opposition.

The Kurdish National Council (ENKS) , which is part of the Syrian opposition, and which is a major component of the “Syrian National Coalition” , includes several Kurdish parties that have been involved since last April in a dialogue with the Kurdish “self-administration” parties, and its goal is to form a single Kurdish political reference that runs east of the Euphrates region. Syrian Kurds control it through the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) forces, of which the Kurdish units are their main weight.

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