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Mehmet Bulovali: Every day we see escape stories of PKK members

Mehmet Bulovali, an Iraqi-Kurdish political analyst, who was born and grew up in Kirkuk, an oil-rich city regarded as Jerusalem for the Kurd, says: “People [particularly, the Kurds] have been tired of PKK’s armed campaign. In the past, I would not hear much that people were escaping from the Qandil mountains [the mountain headquarters of […]

Muhammad was only 9 months old, but the PKK killed him

The Turkish media refer to the PKK different attributes. One of these attributes is “child killer”. Interestingly, this attribute is also used for Israel. Last year, the baby of Khani Omar, a Syrian Kurdish refugee who fled to Turkey, was also killed by the PKK in the city of Urfa. They were not safe against […]

Four journalists arrested for revealing Turkish army crimes

Following the news of the arrest of two Kurdish farmers in a village in Van province and their intentional drop from a helicopter by the Turkish military, public opinion in social media reacted widely and Amnesty International called for an independent investigation. This made the record of widespread human rights violations by Turkey against the […]

HRW condemns Turkey for violating the Kurdish rights

HRW urged Turkish authorities to investigate the case of a Kurdish man who died the day before after being detained earlier by government security forces and loaded into a helicopter before it took flight in Van. The two men were thrown out of a helicopter, as they were detained and accused of aiding the PKK. […]

Panic in North-East Syria: Russia threatens to leave Til Temir

For months we have witnessed the cat-and-mouse game Russia and the USA have been playing in North-East Syria. Last year, when the USA left the area and the Kurdish people to Turkish invasion, it was the Syrian army and the Russian-Turkish peace deal that saved the Kurds. The USA, feeling threatened by this deal, decided […]

What the PKK does

By: Bube Eser, Kurdish Politician If we look at the PKK formation process, we can ask: What has this organization done for the Kurds? What places has it released? How is the siuation of the areas where the PKK has fought and is fighting? The PKK has brought nothing to the Kurds with its ideology […]

A Kurdish analyst in Darkamazi website: PKK is fascist

In response to the statements and actions of the PKK leaders and media, the analytical news website of Darkamazi, which operates in Kurdish and in the Kurdistan Region, has published the following analytical article, the translation of which is provided by Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch: “The PKK does not stop propaganda against the KRG. […]

PJAK on Twitter: We had Milad Ghobadi killed, too

In a post on a Twitter account, PJAK, a branch of PKK, announced the death of Milad Ghobadi, the son of Mohammad and Sahebeh, with the code name of Mazlum Judi, and from Kamyaran. According to PJAK, this young Iranian Kurd was killed in Haftanin in the Kurdistan Region near the Turkish border. The strange […]

A new Kurdish-Assyrian alliance

The northeastern part of Syria, or what has become known as the term ” east of the Euphrates “, is witnessing a political movement between the various forces opposing the Syrian government , as several political currents are heading to forge an alliance with them, while the Syrian Kurds are still trying to bridge the […]

Nasser Razazi: The Kurds are Iranians, not separatists

Nasser Razazi, a well-known singer who some time ago collaborated with Kurdish armed groups, including Komala, at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and then sharply criticized their actions and broke away, published a video message in which he denied any Kurdish separatism and blamed others for accusing the Kurds of separatism. He […]
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