Father of a child ‌ recruited by PKK: “My son was abducted and killed”

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), the presence of child soldiers in the PKK and its branches is undeniable, even the heads of this terrorist group have confirmed it. Hundreds of Kurdish mothers have gathered in front of the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Diyarbakir, Turkey for more than a year, while the PKK leaders have repeatedly stated that they would not return the recruited children to their families. The IKHRW, repeatedly stating that its most important task is to follow the fate of children abducted by the PKK and PJAK, especially Iranian Kurdish children, has published numerous documents on this bitter issue. This time the IKHRW interviewed the family of “Amin Rendi Gonbadi”, the son of Abdul Rahman from Urmia, West Iran. Amin’s brother answered the questions of the IKHRW reporter. He told us that his brother was not for armed and terrorist groups and had no motive to join them. He emphasized that Amin was a teenager and we are sure that PJAK has kidnapped him. Amin’s father also died while he was waiting for his kidnapped son.

“Amin called us only once,” Amin’s brother, who has no information about his brother’s fate, told our correspondent. Amin added that he had run away from home. We did not hear from him again after that call until we heard that he had been killed. I am sure he did not escape, but the PJAK/PKK kidnapped and had him killed in Sarekaniye, North Syria. Because my brother was not a person to tolerate kidnapping and using force by the PKK/ PJAK. Why should Amin call me only once in a few years? PKK and PJAK leaders have no human affection. How is aWhy should they abduct a child at the age of 14? We are three brothers and four sisters; Amin, whose fate is unknown. My father loved Amin very much. After Amin was kidnapped, my father fell ill and died.”

Amin’s brother explained about the follow-up: “I followed my brother after his only call. But I feel that the person who gave him the phone was a PJAK agent. We know that Amin was imprisoned in PJAK prison for six months in the worst conditions. The oppression inflicted on him and our family by PJAK is inhumane. The “liberation of the Kurds” by killing the Kurdish youth is contradictory. Surprisingly, he was killed shortly after he was released from PJAK prison. In fact, it was only a few days before Amin’s was announced. For this reason, I believe that Amin was deliberately killed in the Serikaniekaniye. After Amin’s call, I went to Qandil Mountain. First, PJAK members denied Amin’s being there. Then they confessed and said he was in Syria. Finally, we heard his death news on TV. I never trsuted the PJAK members. My mother is constantly crying. Why should we not know where our brother was killed and buried? This is an inhumane policy by PKK/PJAK.

In the coming days, the IKHRW will publish and follow up the cases of children abducted by PJAK again.

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