Nations’ Brotherhood: Slogan and reality; a Study on the behavior and claims of PJAK towards the Iranian Kurds

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), PJAK’s terrorist behavior has always attracted the experts’ attention. The group presents slogans for supporting Kurds; but all its victims are the Iranian Kurds! The slogan “the nations’ brotherhood” belongs to the PKK and its branches in Kurdistan, the thesis of Ocalan’s “democratic modernism”. Democratic modernism is itself a new discussion of Marxism introduced by the American philosopher, Murray Bookchin, after the successive defeats of Marxism in the Western countries.

The American writer believes that fundamental differences are taking place in the West and these lead to a revolution. In fact, it is not a competition between labor and capital; rather, it is the enmity of modern man against the nature that has led to the nature destruction and ecology every day. Ocalan wrote a letter to Bukchin from Imrali prison, describing himself as his student.

According to Ocalan’s research, capitalist modernity is the source of discord and war. The PKK leader believes that capitalist modernity insists on its survival firmly, namely the capitalist economy and the nation-state political system. A nation thinking of revolution must target these two columns of the capitalist system, the government and the capitalist economy, in its revolutionary war. On this basis, the PKK is active against all governments and the capitalist economic system and ideologically against the Kurdish nation-state, while describing every Kurdish individual, group and organization is active in the formation of the Kurdish nation-state as enemy.

As Ocalan’s writings suggest, a struggle based on democratic modernity can replace capitalist modernity, and its political system is democratic confederalism, in which each nation can manage its own political, economic, cultural, defense, and social affairs. However, this form and program, like the communist society or the Islamic community, is an ideal model. Because at present the world’s political systems are based on the nation-state and the capitalist economy, and the capitalist economy and the state reinforce mutually. To replace and destroy this system, Ocalan believes it must be able to destroy its two wings. Of course, Ocalan knows that the PKK and its branches are not able to achieve this. As the PKK was defeated in Kobani against ISIS, as an organization not even a government; he finally sought help from America, an ideological “enemy”.

To make an analysis of these PKK / PJAK ideas, we can refer to one of its most important slogans “the nations’ brotherhood”, and we will see it stemming from the democratic administration of Ocalan. But PJAK, as the Iranian branch of the PKK, does not believe in democracy and continues to kill dissidents and kidnap children.

Soran Akhtar Samar

A 26-year-old young from Ravar village, Sarwabad city, worker who has a one-year-old child. He was killed by PJAK for not paying a ransom to its members  in 2020.

Saman Daneshvar

According to the information obtained, Saman was from the village of Goyzeh Koreh in Mariwan, who joined the PJAK a few years ago, but later he regretted and left. Because PJAK considers the members’ leaving the Organization as a betrayal, he was assassinated in front of the family in the spring of 2009.

Asrin Mohammadi

A video has recenlt been published on Asrin Mohammadi’s mother from Sardasht, West Azerbaijan, Iran, in which she said that her daughter had been abducted by PJAK at a very young age some years ago. The PJAK later claimed that Asrin had been killed in an attack by the Turkish army. But Asrin’s mother emphasized her daughter had been shot in the back while fleeing PJAK headquarters. It should be noted that the PJAK, as a violation of international law and the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, unfortunately recruits the underage.

Kolbars, victims of PJAK Extortion and ransom

Reports by Kolbars confirm PJAK continues to confiscate their properties under the guise of revolutionary taxes or customs (as PJAK calls it) and “popular aid”.

Extortion, the Kurdish rich and the workshop owners

As an act against the Kurdish people, the PJAK continues to extort the Kurdish workshop and hotelowners and the rich under the guise of popular help and assistance. By doing so, they undermine the security for investment and create an atmosphere of poverty. Therefore, it should be emphasized that PJAK terrorism has targeted security, stability and development, the Kurdish people’s lives and property in Iran.

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