İsmail Beşikçi: PKK wants to destroy the status of the Kurdistan Region

Kurdish-friendly sociologist-author Beşikçi said, “The PKK’s attack on the Peshmerga Forces has no legitimate basis. This means not recognizing the status of the Kurdistan Regional Government, or even trying to demolish it,” he said.

Sociologist-author İsmail Beşikçi evaluated the PKK ‘s recent attacks on the Peshmerga Forces upon questions from K24 .

Beşikçi said, “ There is no legitimate basis for the PKK ‘s attack on the Peshmerga Forces . This means not recognizing the Kurdistan Region Administration, not recognizing the Kurdistan Region Administration status, and even trying to demolish it.”

İsmail Beşikçi said, “Today, the international anti-Kurdish order continues. The regional anti-Kurdish order continues with all its intensity. In this process, the PKK can be considered as a unit within the regional anti-Kurdish order with its attacks on the Peshmerga. The international anti-Kurdish order ensured the division, fragmentation and division of Kurdistan in the 1920s. In the 1950s, the regional anti-Kurdish order began to develop and strengthen.”


Emphasizing that the PKK is against the Kurdish state, Beşikçi said:

“Today, all the states that divide, divide and share the Kurds and Kurdistan are against the establishment of a Kurdish state. He is against the statehood of the Kurds. Being against the Kurdish state, the PKK is making efforts in line with these interests of the regional states. All of the states that divide and share Kurdistan support and encourage Palestinian Arabs to establish a state. The PKK also advocates the establishment of a state by the Palestinian Arabs. The PKK also encourages Palestinian Arabs to establish a state, but opposes the statehood of the Kurds .”

Beşikçi also said, “The PKK is attacking the KDP because KDP wants an independent Kurdistan, because it is making efforts for the realization of Kurdistan. We should not forget the referendum of September 25, 2017, the process that developed afterwards, and the morning of October 16, 2017.” 


Ahmet Türk, who said that the nationalist front used every means to prevent the Kurds from breathing, but that this policy did not last long, reminded Mesud Barzani of his promise that ‘ Kurds will never draw weapons against their brothers’. It’s good that Ahmet Türk reminded Mesud Barzani of his promise. But it is also necessary to remember and not to forget what happened in the last few months. The PKK is attacking the Peshmerga by making plans, making reconnaissance, and setting ambushes, killing the Peshmerga. But there is not a single sentence or even a single word about this in Ahmet Türk ‘s long statement. This attitude of Ahmet Türk is very surprising…”

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