PKK confirms: one Iranian among five killed in Turkish chemical attack

The PKK-affiliated Euphrates news agency has confirmed that five members of its forces were killed in a chemical bombing in Turkey.

The PKK added that on October 5, 1941, the group’s forces, including Cumali Corum, Chafreh Kamuran, Delvin Dalaho, Amara Cudi and Maher Kop, were killed in the Avashin area.

According to the PKK, one of these victims is confirmed Iranian, named Rezan Darafarin.

Her details are as follows:

Organizational Code: Delvin Dalahu
Place of birth: Marivan
Mother’s name – Father’s name: Najim – Abdullah

It should be noted that the PKK / PJAK, as always, has refused to disclose further details related to the killing of Iranian members.

It does not disclose information about their burial place, and since repeated campaigning to stop the recruitment of children, it does not disclose their age at the time of recruitment any longer.

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