Clashes between Islamic Republic security forces and Kurdish militant group

Local and media sources in Iranian Kurdistan reported last night (June 16th) that an armed team affiliated with Kurdish militant groups clashed with Islamic Republic security forces in the town of Sarvabad in Kurdistan Province.

Considering the history of this region, it seems that this group is a terrorist group of PJAK and has tried to assassinate civilians again in the run-up to the elections in Iran and to create insecurity in the border areas.

The interesting point in covering this news is the use of the phrase “Kurdish parties” by various media affiliated with PJAK. These media outlets call PJAK and other Kurdish armed groups parties.

First, PJAK is an armed group accused of terrorist acts, and second, which political party is based in the mountains and is accused of extortion, drug trafficking, child abduction and deception of teenagers? Which political party is armed and plans terrorist operations in the run-up to elections and other occasions?

It seems that PJAK once again intends to seriously pursue armed operations inside Iran in order to show itself as a strong and independent group, and in this way provide the ground for attracting various support. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel are among PJAK’s most important supporters in the political, financial, arms and intelligence spheres.

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