KRG: The PKK sabotage act neutralized

In an attempt to destroy Chamanke brige in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the armed members of the PKK tried to spread fear, anxiety, panic and create an atmosphere of instability Tuesday morning.

Local sources in the Kurdistan Region said that three PKK vehicles placed explosives on Dakri Bridge, known as the Barminki Bridge while crossing it yesterday morning.

These sources report that the Dakri Bridge is located 2 km north of the Chamanake area, connecting about 50 villages in the area to Chamanake area. It is worth mentioning that the traffic on this bridge is regular and the local people of those areas frequently use the bridge.

It is obvious that the PKK armed members placed the explosive on the bridge to cut off the traffic of the citizens so that they could take over the area as the PKK wishes. However, the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces quickly neutralized the explosive and opened the road.

Local sources in the KRG believe that this is not the first time the PKK members carry out such acts of sabotage and terrorism against Kurdish citizens, especially in Chamanke region. The PKK armed men had recently planted explosives on the path of the Peshmerga, and they fired at the Peshmerga forces after the explosion, this resulted in the death of a Peshmerga member and severely wounding of three people. The PKK then attacked oil and gas police in the Chamnake area, and the latest sabotage and attacks took place on the 14th of the current month by attacking checkpoints, led to killing another peshmerga.

According to the report, the PKK’s provocations against the KRG and its citizens have recently increased, and this situation has led to anger and dissatisfaction among the citizens of the KRG and public opinion, which has forced citizens to stop sabotage. The PKK has also been asked to leave the KRG and transfer its war to its original geography (Turkey) not to meddle with the regional affairs.

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