Ismail Besikci: The PKK aims to destroy KRG

In his latest statement, Turkish writer and researcher Ismail Bishkekchi said “the PKK aims to separate Sinjar from Iraqi Kurdistan.”

In an article, the famous writer stated: “The PKK aims to destroy the political sovereighity of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with a pre-determined plan.”

Besikci continued the article while referring to the history of the PKK and added: “The PKK was established with the slogan of an independent Kurdistan, but now the only goal of this armed organization is to destroy the achievements of the Kurds. The media of this armed group calls on the Iraqi parliament to end the political existence of the KRG.”

The Turkish writer also referred to the role of the PKK media in the KRG protests and said: “They were heading the Kurdish youth to take up arms against the KRG and provoke them against the Kurdish authorities not the central government.”

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