Who is guilty for the death of the young Kurdish of Mahabad?

It is necessary to establish an association to follow the fate of PKK / PJAK victims.

Abdul Baqi Mohammadnejad, the son of Rahman and Zahra, was still a teenager student when he was caught in the trap of PJAK’s deceptive propaganda. He was a at a sensitive age. PJAK set Abdul Baqi, like dozens of other teenagers and children, on the path of inhumane goals. He was killed by Turkish airstrikes on August 2, 2015, shortly after his membership and transfer to the Kandil Mountains.

Who is guilty? Is it just PKK / PJAK? Certainly, those who knowingly or unknowingly promote and directly propagate the poisonous ideology of Abdullah Ocalan are also complicit in the crime. Kurdish human rights activists and claimants of human rights are also responsible.

Kurdish human rights activists have a double standard in dealing with PKK / PJAK victims, and unfortunately not only do they not denounce these PKK / PJAK actions against Kurdish citizens, but they also propagate Abdullah Ocalan’s ideology. The dual approach to human rights paves the way for further violations by PJAK.

Isn’t it time for the real Kurdish human rights defenders to establish an association to follow up on the fate of missing persons in the PKK / PJAK, like Abdul Baqi Mohammadnejad, and to demand the trial of this group through legal means?

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