PKK admits to abduct the children, governments and NGOs are silent

‌Firat News Agency, affiliated with the PKK terrorist group, has tried to deceive the readers by false practices in recent years, and exculpating the PKK of its dirty policy of kidnapping and recruiting children as armed force and hiding the fact. Recent events, however, prove a change in this policy of the PKK-‌Firat, and indicate that the PKK, with the support of its media, has practically put an end to its previous approach and, in the shadow of the silence and indifference by regional governments and, of course, human rights institutions; no longer considers any institution or convention. Earlier, the PKK claimed to be a defender of children’s rights, but the group proudly publishes photos of abducted and killed children, and later forgot about it and again claims to protect rights of the children and the absence of child soldiers in its rank.

The PKK proudly publishes not only photos of killed children; it also announces that they were killed, with a delay of several years, so that it is not possible to verify the claims of this terrorist group and follow the fate of the children. The recent actions of the PKK are a kind of suicide. The material published on the ‌Firat site proves that the group is completely disappointed with the continuation of its terrorist life and its black record, and for this reason, it has brought all its fake assets to be present for a few more days. Otherwise, it would have made no sense at all for the PKK to explicitly acknowledge the existence of child soldiers in its rank. Because all these confessions will be used in a court against the leaders of this terrorist group.

In the latest outrageous act of the PKK and the ‌Firat News Agency, the group claims that the following person, who is clearly under legal age at the time of membership / kidnapping; was very young and killed in the war with Turkey.

The PKK claims that Baresh Saydan, with code name Andok Ormar (born: Jolamerg), was killed on April 4 in Gareh. It is clear that this teenager was much younger when he was abducted by the PKK. In fact, the PKK has admitted to abduct children and exploiting them on the battlefield.

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Why does the PKK continue this immoral and inhumane policy? Is there kidnapping of children in Ocalan’s false and terrorist teachings? What about killing them on the battlefield with Turkey? Gareh is in Iraq, what does this place have to do with the PKK? When did the Iraqi government authorize the PKK to set up a terrorist camp in this place? If the PKK war is legitimate – which it is not – why does it give children weapons? Should children be at school or in PKK caves? Wasn’t this child killed by Coronavirus? Was he not shot dead when he escaped from the PKK? Where is his body and when will it be delivered to the family? Why is the PKK silent on these questions? Isn’t this action an example of enforced disappearance and subject to criminal liability of PKK leaders? Why are human rights institutions silent in the West? As usual, the terrorists released all the information about this member without mentioning his age and date of birth, because they are accused of kidnapping and recruiting children and arming them. The PKK and PJAK terrorist groups rely on the abduction of children and their forced arming in order to provide armed man power, and with partial training, they make these children victims of their dirty policies. In fact, in order to survive, they need the bodies of these members and photos of these children to present themselves as victims.

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