Hamid Jahangiri and the story of his trip to Kars

Hamid Jahangiri’s irreversible journey began when PKK / PJAK members deceived him in the village where he lived. Rostam and Banafsheh, his parents, were not aware of PJAK members meeting with Hamid in the village. They found out when it was too late. Although they went to PJAK headquarters in the foothills of the Kandil Mountains to pursue and return him, not only did they return empty-handed, but they were also insulted by PJAK members.

Hamid was no longer the former Hamid. Named as Shaho, he was placed in the ideological brainwashing classes of Abdullah Ocalan to be prepared for death. Finally, Hamid left for Kars in northeastern Turkey shortlt after the recruitment, and was killed a few days later in a clash with the Turkish army. No one even knows where he may have been buried.

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