PJAK leader becomes Kobani History Teacher and other examples of the PKK Shadow Government running ‘Rojava’

By Hedwig Kuijpers The much-praised ‘Rojava’ project in North-East Syria has ridden most of its popularity in the West through their fight against ISIS and their ideology ‘Democratic Confederalism’, that promotes a form of grassroots governing by local people on the ground, structured from neighbourhood ‘communes’, to ‘city councils’, all the way up to ‘cantons’. […]

Hamid Jahangiri and the story of his trip to Kars

Hamid Jahangiri’s irreversible journey began when PKK / PJAK members deceived him in the village where he lived. Rostam and Banafsheh, his parents, were not aware of PJAK members meeting with Hamid in the village. They found out when it was too late. Although they went to PJAK headquarters in the foothills of the Kandil […]