Kamel Salimi’s father is worried sick: “We haven’t hear any news about our son for more than 3 years!”

Following the ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes, the Human Rights Watch of Iran has arranged a conversation with the father of “Kamel Salimi”, another victim.

Kamel Salimi is the son of “Chato”, he is an Iranian teenager, and was born in 1996 in Urmia (in the idyllic Marghavar region), and has disappeared and said to be a member of PJAK since 2019.

His family is still unaware of their son’s fate, and as they told the watchdog, they went to PKK-controlled areas on the Turkish border many times; But again, there is no news about their child.

Kamel’s father told us that they are following the fate of “Kamel” through the relevant Iranian legal agencies and hope that they will have their deceived or even kidnapped child with them again. The family is worried sick, and has only one wish: for their son to come home.

One of the inhumane approaches of militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK is the kidnapping and deception of teenagers and young people in the Kurdish regions of Iran. Once in the claw of this group, the new member does not have the permission nor the means to contact their families.

In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

The full text of the conversation is as follows:

Kamel means perfect, and that is what he was… There was really no problem to become the reason for Kamel to get up and leave us, he was not unemployed, we were not too poor, and there were no family issues. I really do not know how he was deceived.

My son (Kamel) was busy every day from morning to evening with work and friends, and there were no problems or conflicts between us, I do not know who deceived him in the middle and led him to this fruitless path.

We have not heard from my son Kamel for three years now and we do not know if he is alive or not and what they have brought upon him. We do not know if he is in Iraq, Turkey or any other place, where we could follow up on his situation, that remains completely vague to us. 

The radio silence is killing us.

** The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch continues to pursue the fate of these individuals until a clear conclusion is reached about the unknown fate of Kurdish citizens trapped in militant groups. **

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