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Turkey: role of Kurdish language in earthquake

An earthquake hit Turkey in the early days of the year that killed and injured hundreds. Rescue forces have taken various steps to carry out their duties, including trying to get the living off the rubble as quickly as possible. Since Xarpet and Malatya – quake-stricken areas – are Kurdish, so there is the issue […]

US establishes military bases in KRG

An unnamed Israeli source told Breaking Defense website that the United States is setting up three military bases in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG). Contrary to US President Donald Trump’s statement, the source said the US is currently building at least three military bases in the KRG near the border with Iran, according […]

Kurdish flag or flags?

“The Kurdish National Unity Working Group” was held in Diyarbakir. The group was attended by various Kurdish parties and organizations in Turkey, including the Democratic People’s Party (HDP), the Democratic Society Congress – both affiliated with the PKK. Given that the flag in that group is the same as the flag of Kurdistan Regional Government […]

Hooshmand Alipoor: Armed Human Rights Activity?!

Four Turkish Kurdish political parties issued a joint statement condemning Iran for issuing the death sentence for Hoshmand Alipour and demanded the abolition of the death sentence and releaing him. In their statement, they claim that members of the Komala, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK) are in Iran’s prisons. […]

KRG: Qasem Soleimani supported us

Nazem Dabbagh, the representative of the Kurdistan Regionanl Government (KRG) in Tehran, interviewed by Rudaw TV spoke on general Qsem Soleimani and his relations with the officials of the KRG. In the interview, he said that Suleimani’s relations with the KRG were very friendly. He was a person who responded to our requests every moment, […]

Statement of the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch on the tragic events of the last few days

The Executive Council of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) issued a statement following unfortunate events of the last week affecting the public opinion in Iran. The text of this statement is as follows: “The triangle of violence, extremism and terrorism has become the continuous policy of the ruling system in the international arena. Activists […]

Western experts: The US attack is in contradiction with international law and US doctrine

After the US drone strikes at Baghdad airport and the killing of Commander Qasem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reactions to the US move were widespread. While US officials, those in favor of Donald Trump, are trying to justify the attack, critical reactions to the attack have […]

Cultural exchange rather than armed confrontation

Looking back on the past two hundred years of history, the Kurds can easily see the same problem repeatedly: uprising and war, defeat, betrayal, devastation, displacement. In the twentieth century, the two attributes of trusting in Western countries and eventually abandonment can be added to this vicious circle. This problem is most evident in the […]

Roboski massacre and a long wait for justice

The Turkish government has not fulfilled its promises to prosecute the perpetrators of this crime. The Turkish army attacked a number of what it describes as “smugglers” in Roboski eight years ago. The group was bombed by the Turkish army while crossing the border in the Roboski border region of Uludere. Four people were killed […]

Turkey hands over Adel Bahrami to Iran

Adel Bahrami is accused of joining an armed group Adel Bahrami, a Kurdish citizen of Iran, as having been handed over to the Iranian authorities by Turkey, Bas News Agency said quoting officials. According to the report, the Directorate for Migration and Refugees of Turkey announced that Adel Bahrami along with 33 other Iranian immigrants […]
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