Funeral leads to 32 COVID-19 cases in Erbil

Even though the Kurdistan Region Government has imposed a heavy lockdown on its people – which is longer than 20 days now – it seems not very successful at actually enforcing this lockdown.
One of the first things that was forbidden, were group gatherings. Despite instructions on group gatherings, a grieving family has held a funeral for their deceased loved one, says Aziz Ahmad, who works as deputy chief of staff of Masrour Barzani. Days after the funeral, 32 people that have visited the funeral have tested positive for COVID-19, 18 of them today.
Earlier today, KRG has imposed a new lockdown across Kurdistan Region for 48 hours. Masrour Barzani states: “As difficult as it is, we have taken this action after a rise in curfew violations and coronavirus cases.”

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