Funeral leads to 32 COVID-19 cases in Erbil

Even though the Kurdistan Region Government has imposed a heavy lockdown on its people – which is longer than 20 days now – it seems not very successful at actually enforcing this lockdown. One of the first things that was forbidden, were group gatherings. Despite instructions on group gatherings, a grieving family has held a […]

No masks for American nurses

A COVID-19 unit nurse says she resigned Monday after being told she couldn’t wear an N95 mask. She warns, “nurses are not being protected.” Stories about medical staff without proper protection are getting more and more common in the US, as the COVID-19 virus spreads through the country. The Trump-administration, has spent the last two […]

Exclusive: 20 cases of COVID-19 from Deir ez-Zor transferred to Damascus

In an exclusive talk with Omar Abu Leyla, a Syrian expert who focuses on security and governance dynamics, we have learned that the day before yesterday 20 patients with COVID-19 have been transferred from Al-Assad hospital in Deir ez-Zor to Damascus, without being given their test results until the moment of transfer. At this moment, […]

KRG Ministry of Health approved IKHRW report

During the past few days, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has repeatedly quoted its sources in the Raniya border region as saying that PKK / PJAK members were getting $ 100 per the people who could not enter Kurdistan Regional Government  (KRG) for failing to test coronavirus and passing them illegally through the […]