KCK releases second statement on Zini Werta situation

The KCK has released a statement on the Zini Werta stand-off. It said it would show responsibility.
“As a matter of fact, although the area where the peshmergas were sent to is very important for us, we try to respond to the aspirations of the Kurdish people by showing the necessary patience, common sense and calmness.”
This statement was indeed a lot calmer than the first statement the KCK released after the Turkish airstrikes on the Zini Werta campsite two weeks ago, in which it lashed out to KDP.
The first statement analysed as following: “The deployment of the KDP forces at a point dominating the guerrilla area took place after the Turkish state agreed with the KDP on the siege of the Qandil region and provided information that an attack on Qandil would take place in due course. Without the support of the KDP, the Turkish state cannot attack Qandil. If there were no attack and occupation plan for Qandil, there would be no KDP presence in Zinê Wertê issue. It is quite obvious that the Turkish state will provide the KDP with the necessary support if a conflict with the guerrillas arises. This is revealed by the attack on the small guerrilla group after their visit to the KDP camp.”
It is to be understood that the KCK/PKK are still very unhappy with the situation in Zine Werta, a highly strategic place near its Qandil headquarters, but simply has no real options.

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