Galeban: Government offers 300 million Rials to Qotur

In an interview with Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Rasoul Galeban, a Kurdish activist and journalist, described the current situation of people and homes in the Qotur earthquake-hit region as “deplorable” and described “lack of management assistance” as an important factor in failing to deliver better services to the people.

In a part of his speech, the Kurdish journalist added: “We are organizing a campaign for cash and non-cash donations, and we want to help publish and publish it to reach more audiences.” Speaking about the unprofessional action of a number of Kurdish activists in presenting their personal accounts to help the Qoturi people, he said the accounts would be concentrated and the donations would be in the form of a specific campaign account to help rebuild the area.

In response to a rumor about “encouraging to evacuate” the region, he said it was false, Rasoul Galeban added that the government is expected to provide 300 million Rials to every household by the middle of next week, as soon as the ruin displacement is completed, the reconstruction will begin.

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