The lack of stability on the western borders of the country has challenged the life of “Kamal Firuzi”

The heavy burden of many problems that these families suffer after the loss of their children sometimes leads to the collapse and complete destruction of some of those families.

We have described many times the grave concerns of Iranian Kurdish families who have fallen victim to human rights violations such as enforced disappearances and the employment of child soldiers in militant groups such as the PKK / PJAK.

We also expressed their demands from their own tongues, in the form of numerous conversations, interviews and reports.

These families are addressing their own audiences directly in these messages, which include the Iranian government, domestic and foreign human rights organizations, the media and cyber activists, and finally the leaders of the PKK / PJAK.

But, it seems that the ear is not hearing and the sight is not ready to watch their great sorrow!

These individuals and the families of the victims did not ‘find their own destiny’, they did not voluntarily get into this much economic, social and other problems, and none of them is happy that their child or children were kidnapped or deceived by Kurdish militants.


Kamal Firoozi

As Kamal Firoozi stated in an interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, “They make attractive promises that could easily deceive a young man who does not have a decent job and is actively looking for a better life.”

He continued: “At that time, I did not pay much attention to these contact attempts, and it went on for a long time, I left messages unread, but unfortunately when my financial situation got very bad, I felt I had no choice and no one to lean on during all this time. “They said they would help me. I suddenly decided to become a member, on a whim, without giving it too much thought.”

However, what is clear and has been repeatedly raised in the domestic media is that “economic development and stability of border areas” is a priority for the Iranian government.

If there had been development and stability in these areas, perhaps the life story of the “Kamal Firuzi” would no longer have tended towards membership in Kurdish militant groups.

Perhaps if the national and provincial officials were thinking of solving the economic and livelihood problems of the people of these areas, today the youth would no longer be forced to leave their families and join such groups due to lack of jobs, and lack of income to live on!

With all these interpretations that result from the shortcomings and negligence of government and provincial officials, it should be noted that a young man like “Kamal Firoozi” feeling hopeless joined the group. Leaving him to realize the depth of their lies and deception only after having left the country.

In this regard, Kamal told the Human Rights Watch of Iranian Kurdistan: “I went to a place where I no longer felt poor indeed, nor did my situation differ from the others there, I got the equality I wanted for sure. But the living conditions were much worse, I had to live in a cave or sometimes when lucky in a tent, there was no proper food at all!”

He goes on to point out the correct point: “I thought to myself that if I stayed at home and did the same hard physical labor I was forced to do there, I would earn at least 200,000 to 300,000 tomans a day, although it was low and I was ungrateful for such a pay before, but at least “I could pay for living expenses. And actually live.”

Yes, the living conditions in the PKK / PJAK offices are so difficult and overwhelming that the vast majority of their members want to return to their previous living conditions.

That is why the commanders of these militant groups are constantly trying to erase their pasts from their minds by “brainwashing” them, erasing the concept of family and past friendships from their memory, and in a word, they want to erase all the people the person would trust, besides their comrades. Militants can only obey, they have no other choice.

In a better and more realistic sense, we can say that this is the concept of sect and the function of sects such as PKK / PJAK! Brainwashing unconditionally for their members to use them as simple and defenseless victims in the pursuit of their ambitions and goals.

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