PKK’s Syrian wing continues to kidnap minors: Alan Ibish

The family of the child Alan Ibish, who was kidnapped by the PYD militia in Aleppo, appealed to the responsible authorities for the immediate release of their child, Alan, who was kidnapped twenty-seven days ago.

The fascist revolutionary youth movement that operates as a part of PKK in Syria “Ciwanen Shoreshger” kidnapped the minor Kurdish child, Alan Ibish, from Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city, with the aim of recruiting and throwing him into the fronts.

Shaqia Alan said in statements to ARK: The fascist revolutionary youth movement “Ciwanen Shoreshger” kidnapped the 15-year-old Kurdish child, Alan Muhyiddin Hajj Ibish, on 10/1/2022 in front of his school “Halima Al-Saadiya” in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood Eastern city of Aleppo.


Recruitment of 11 Kurdish children in North-East Syria (IDs provided)


The child’s sister appealed to the responsible authorities to release him, stressing that he is still a child and his natural place is school.

The child Alan Hajj Muhyi Al-Din Ibish, who is studying in the preparatory stage in the ninth grade, hails from the village of Kafr Jannah in the Shara district in the Afrin region of Syrian Kurdistan, and his fate is still unknown.


UNICEF: will you help us return PJAK’s child soldiers home?


It is worth mentioning that other branches of the PKK, such as the PJAK, have also been recruiting children ever since their establishment.

IKHRW has reported extensively on the recruitment of minors by PJAK in Iranian Kurdistan.

IKHRW likes to extend its own appeal to the UN to force a stop on the recruitment of minors by PKK, and its Syrian and Iranian branches.

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