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While 4 more children are abducted by PKK’s Syrian wing; Dana Ahmadi’s mother yearns for answers

The Syrian wing of the PKK, the YPG, has recruited four more children in a renewed violation of international law and norms in northern Syria’s Aleppo province Wednesday. Militants kidnapped 14-year-old Sevsen Dervis and 16-year-old Nisrin Habas from the Eshme village on Feb. 26.     They also kidnapped 14-year-old Muhammed and 14-year-old Diyar Muhammed […]

PKK’s Syrian wing continues to kidnap minors: Alan Ibish

The family of the child Alan Ibish, who was kidnapped by the PYD militia in Aleppo, appealed to the responsible authorities for the immediate release of their child, Alan, who was kidnapped twenty-seven days ago. The fascist revolutionary youth movement that operates as a part of PKK in Syria “Ciwanen Shoreshger” kidnapped the minor Kurdish […]

PKK publishes death announcement of 5 children, 5 years after their deaths

PKK publishes death of 5 children, 5 years later, to avoid punishment for the crime of recruiting children. Meanwhile, PJAK also continues to recruit child soldiers...

Family of teenager recruited by PJAK: My brother’s body is buried somewhere in Syria

Amin Randigonbodi was a teenager when recruited by PJAK, some time before his obituary announcement was published from far away, from Syria. Amin is the son of Abdul Rahman Randigonbodi, from Urmia. His brother emphasized in an interview with IKHRW’s reporter that Amin was not a militant, had no particular political beliefs, and had no […]