PKK publishes death announcement of 5 children, 5 years after their deaths

PKK publishes death of 5 children, 5 years later, to avoid punishment for the crime of recruiting children. Meanwhile, PJAK also continues to recruit child soldiers…

The PKK, as always, publishes the identities of the guerrillas who died, but has made no mention of their age or birth year. It does so to hide that their recruits were underage.

To avoid following-up by human rights organizations, it also publishes the deaths with a large delay. This time, the children mentioned were killed in action five years ago.

From their pictures, one can easily conclude they were still minors at the time of death, and most certainly at the time of recruitment.


Mother begs PJAK leader to be able to meet her child in Clubhouse meeting


HPG’s media and printing centre announced the names of five guerrillas from its party who died in 2017 in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“On April 29, 2017, our friends Akin, Sterk, Med, Rustam and Chiyager were targeted and killed in Turkish state attacks on Haftanin in southern Kurdistan,” PKK’s armed wing HPG said in a statement.


The identities of the guerrillas targeted five years ago are as follows:

۱- Rawan Ali with the code of Akin Kurdistan, the people of Sulaymaniyah

۲- Sultan Davchak with the code name of Sterk Kawa Rozh, people of Shirnakh

۳- Mad Barsh Kasiji with the code name of Mad Mazdah, from Colemerg

۴- Malik Arslan with the code name Rostam Garzan, from Baitlis

۵- Dalil Takin with the code of Chiagar Dalil, the people of Elih

Although all five are children under the age of 18, the PKK, as always, publishes the identities of the guerrillas who died, but has not mentioned their age or birth year, and in doing so it wants to escape the crime of arming children.

Iranian-Kurdish underage recruits

IKHRW emphasizes it is not only Turkish or Syrian Kurdish children that are recruited by the PKK and it’s Syrian wing YPG.

Dozens of Iranian-Kurdish children have been deceived by its Iranian wing PJAK. Their families request the international community to provide their children with the same concern and media attention they have provided to Kurdish child soldiers in other parts of Kurdistan.


UNICEF: will you help us return PJAK’s child soldiers home?

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