Deception, abduction of children in North-East Syria continues

The Brotherhood of the Peoples “Bratiya Gelan”, which the PKK says and chants, is what the PKK agreed on for Turkey to reach the 2023 National Pact to occupy parts of Syria and Iraq under the pretext of the PKK’s presence.

They are apparently enemies of each other, but behind the scenes they talk about the’ brotherhood of nations’ and effectively banned any nationalism or wish for an independent nation from the stage.

Now, in order to show and deceive the public opinion, they have launched a comprehensive media, military and political war. The main victims of these wars are children, girls and women.

Helen Musa, a 13-year-old 5th grade student, was forcibly put in a car and abducted yesterday in the city of Qamishlo by the revolutionary youth of Cemil Bayik.

Eventually, in search of Helen Musa, the family pursues her abduction, but they are threatened by PKK forces.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses saw the moment when the child was forced to ride in a “YPG” car.

Kurdish children are abducted from school on a daily basis in the occupied areas, and are forced to learn weapons and fight instead of teaching at school.

In the end, it should be noted that these children are killed in Turkey and other regions, and it should be said that, unfortunately, people in those areas are not safe and are afraid of kidnapping their children.

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