Iranian-Kurdish women ask PKK to stop recruiting child soldiers

An Iranian-Kurdish woman named Shamzin Jihani, originally from Mahabad, but now resides in Brussels, Belgium, emphasized the child recruitment of PKK on her facebook page.

Ms. Jihani works as a journalist and civil rights activist in Belgium

Shamzin Jihani posted on 25th of May:

“Dear PKK’s members, Please STOP this culture.

First of all, the militaries places are not the places of children, and the guns are not children’s toys.
Then, Are you fighting to change the future of Kurdish children to a better future?! Or you are destroying their future?! If really the future of these children is matter to you, Please stop the culture of Armed child. Do not give them the guns and do not allow children to militaries places. There are guerrilas under ages of 18 among your army. And also the culture of making armed child in different ways, for example only for taking photos…etc. Please STOP this culture which is just crime against children and it destroying their now & future. STOP CHILD SOLDIERS.”
This is not the first time ms. Jihani condemns the recruitment of minors by PKK.
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