Bayan’s Ahmadi’s Brother: We do not believe the news of my sister’s death

Following the ongoing talks with the families of the victims of the PKK / PJAK crimes, the Human Rights Watch of Iran has arranged a conversation with the father of Bayan Ahmadi, a member of PJAK.

It seems that the PKK / PJAK train does not intend to stop with the deaths of numerous Kurdish children and youth.

The approach of militant groups such as PJAK in the use of children in war is contrary to their commitment under the Geneva Convention not to use children under the age of 18.

Perhaps the deception and abduction of Kurdish teenagers, youth and, of course, children, and then arming and using them for the purposes and interests of the leaders of militant groups such as PJAK and the PKK, is the only achievement and gift of those claiming to defend the rights of the Kurdish people.

In fact, this is a human rights violation that these groups are constantly insisting on.

While violence is despised around the world and issues are resolved through diplomacy and dialogue, PJAK, the PKK’s Iranian branch, continues to promote violence to target more Kurdish youth.

Because children are so easily influenced, they are also easily trapped by the PKK. For example, they are kidnapped or deceived on the way to school, through social media, or they are persuade by telling them they will pay a fee to their impoverished families.

The PKK, on ​​the other hand, can easily achieve its goals by sacrificing children, because children have less perception of disaster on the battlefield than adults, in other words, they are bolder on the battlefield.

Sometimes they do dangerous things that adults are not willing to do. They spy, or carry explosives easily when told to do so.

One of these children is “Bayan Ahmadi”.

The full text of the conversation with Bayan Ahmadi’s brother is as follows:

I still do not believe that my sister is dead, right now, even though I have nothing in the world, I am ready to sell and donate my heart, but to find only the slightest news of my little sister.

My sister left home when she was almost 18 years old. She had just finished school. She had no problem with her family. One problem was our family’s financial problem, but we were all together in terms of the mental and emotional turmoil of the family, and we did not allow anyone to lack in affection.

But we were very weak financially, maybe that’s what hurt my sister. Bayan had no background in political parties and groups, she did not even know them at all, until now we did not understand at all how she left home and became a member of this group!

Until 7 months ago, when our father died of grief, it was still a question for him, what happened? What made them kill her? Was she really killed? Or is she really alive?

I remembered one sentence from my father in his last breaths and that was, I am sure my daughter was not killed and I am still waiting. But unfortunately he left us and passed away.

After leaving my statement, I will prove to you with our documents and passports that we went to Qandil and different parts of Iraq exactly 22 times, but they did not even allow us to see our little girl for a second.

I feel that one day when we were there, we heard her voice as if she was being kept in another room, we told them we heard our daughter’s voice but they still denied it. We were tipped off by locals that had recognized her from a photo, and told us exactly where to go.

I do not know, I wish we had seen her at that time, but they still did not allow us to see our girl, and said that she is not here. They said that we are delusional!

After that, my father suffered physical problems, and even my mother has had two open heart surgeries since then.

Why didn’t they show her to us? Why did they make our father mourn his little girl and die?

Why does my mother have to suffer so much that she still has heart problems? Where is my sister’s body? Where is her grave ??

My father was Eli, he was a hero, it is true that even though he did not have wealth and did not have that much capital, but he had a heroic reputation among all, how can such a hero be killed?

Want to know why? It is very clear that the reason was that his little daughter was not there.

Do you think it is easy for a father to tell you that she is no longer alive ?! Will he really be able to survive ?!

“We are an Iranian family. I lost my daughter. My little child, all I want is to have my child and it is my child and my daughter, I do not want anything, just show me my daughter! Find my daughter! But they tell me she was killed, but I do not believe it!”

This was my father’s last words. Contrary to what they say, these people are not our friends, they are traitors, a betrayal that has become against my sister, my family and numerous other families, that we’ve met while trying to track down our lost children.

I just want to say one thing, I wish my mother did not wait for her death like my father, because when my father died, she waited for her daughter, but after the news of Bayan’s death, she is waiting for her own.

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