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Yazidi woman video message: “PKK threatens but we will not remain silent”

Simultaneously with the increase in the kidnapping of Yazidi children in Shangal/Sinjar by the PKK, with the aim of recruiting them as child soldiers, the Yazidi Kurds also expressed their dissatisfaction with the PKK. A Kurdish Yazidi woman says in a video: “ISIL threatened us, they kidnapped our children, they threatened to kill us. The […]

Seydo Chato: PKK has a secret prison in Shangal

The head of the Mosul Association says that the PKK has a secret prison in Shangal/Sinjar. In an interview with the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Iraqi official said that the presence of the PKK in Sinjar has caused great problems, and for this reason, the PKK must be dismissed from […]

Yazidi protest against the PKK intensifies in Sinjar

Mount Shangal/Sinjar witnesses mass demonstrations against the presence and actions of the PKK. The Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar have once again rallied and chanted slogans against the PKK in recent weeks. “The PKK is a serious threat to Sinjar and the Yazidis. It has abducted dozens of our young girls and boys, who are now […]

Nechirvan Barzani: The PKK is abusing the Yazidis

“We will do our best to ensure the security and development of Sinjar,” said Nechirvan Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on the anniversary of ISIL’s massacre of the Yazidis. “The PKK has turned Sinjar into a field of illegal armed groups.” “It has made them the tools of its political agenda, regardless of […]

Former PKK supporters protest against it in Sinjar now

The trend of escape and leaving PKK members and supporters  in the group and its branches is increasing. After the escape of Daliya Muslim, the nephew of Saleh Muslim and a member of the PKK / YPJ, caused a great shock to the group, the Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar also protested openly against the PKK […]

PKK members keep defying borders in Sinjar: COVID-19 disaster awaits

Iraq’s conflict-destructed Sinjar region may become a “disaster area” if the COVID-19 pandemic spreads there, health and aid workers warned. The region in northern Iraq has struggled to recover from a genocide in 2014, when the Islamic State group swept across the area and massacred thousands of members of the Yazidi religious minority. The intervention […]
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