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Ibrahim Badal: PKK kidnapped my daughter five years ago

As a Yazidi Kurdish citizen, Ibrahim Badal is one of dozens of victims of the PKK’s illegal presence in Sinjar/Shangal. Following ISIS’s attack on the area and the Kurdistan Region peshmerga’s fleeing, the PKK used the power vacuum and settled in this area. Dozens of Yazidi Kurds have so far demanded in various reports and […]

Dayik Bahar: “PKK is a continuation of ISIS”

Dayik Bahar is the name of a Yazidi woman activist against PKK child abduction in Shangal. In a video, she revealed the PKK’s anti-human activities and called for help in confronting the group. “I am Dayik Bahar. I am talking to you about the Shangal/Sinjar region. I want my voice to be heard everywhere. Greetings […]

Seydo Chato: Yazidis are victims of the PKK presence in Sinjar

Seydo Chato, former chairman of the Ninawa Provincial Council, says it is time for the PKK to be expelled from Sinjar and the people of the region should not be victims of the presence of this group anymore. In an interview, Mr Chato said that the Baghdad-Erbil agreement on the normalization of the Sinjar region […]

Agreement on Sinjar; PKK must be dismissed

Shangal/Sinjar was one of the disputed areas between the central government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leading to the creation of a practical power vacuum in this region. In such an atmosphere and following ISIL’s attack on the Yazidi Kurds, the PKK took advantage of the opportunity and settled in the area. […]

Shahab Ahmad: PKK has turned Shangal schools into headquarters

Shahab Ahmad, head of education affairs in Shangal/Sinjar, says PKK members have turned a school into their headquarters while the students have no place to study. “While it is the beginning of the school year and we are currently facing a shortage of facilities, especially in the field of education, the PKK has turned one […]

Turkey kills 3 PKK members in Sinjar

A Turkish drone on Sunday night targeted a vehicle in the Yezidi region of Sinjar, Iraqi military said in a statement. PKK has not released a statement yet. The vehicle, reportedly belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK was hit near the Sharaf al-Din shrine, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said in an official statement. According […]

A Kurdish Yazidi mother shouting loudly: PKK kidnapped my 15-year-old son

In an iterview, a Kurdish Yazidi mother in Sinjar/Shangal said, “The PKK kidnapped and took my son. My son is only 15 years old and should not be armed with a gun. My son did not go at will, but the PKK forced him. I have not heard from my son for six months.” The […]

People address the PKK: Get out of Sinjar immediately

Reports from Shangal/Sinjar indicate that the families of dozens of Yazidi children abducted to be recruited as child soldiers by the PKK protested, calling on the Iraqi government and human rights organizations to help return their children and from the PKK. People say the presence of PKK in Sinjar caused many people to be displaced […]

Video file / A Yazidi tribal chief addresses the PKK: Leave Shangal

“The presence of the PKK in Sinjar/Shangal is a great danger to the lives and property of the people. We know that the Turkish army may attack from the air or on the ground at any moment. Why should the people be victim because of the presence of the PKK?” “Should the people be killed […]

Heydar Shasho: With the PKK’s leaving Sinjar, Security will come to the region

“The situation of the Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar is dire, and if this trend continues, no bright future can be seen for them,” said Heydar Shasho, commander of the Sinjar Defense Forces (HPŞ). “The problem of the Yazidis in Sinjar/Shangal is only the presence of armed groups, and we know that these groups are also […]
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