Seydo Chato: Yazidis are victims of the PKK presence in Sinjar

Seydo Chato, former chairman of the Ninawa Provincial Council, says it is time for the PKK to be expelled from Sinjar and the people of the region should not be victims of the presence of this group anymore. In an interview, Mr Chato said that the Baghdad-Erbil agreement on the normalization of the Sinjar region under Article 140 showed that they had decided to move towards security and stability in order to pave the way for reconstruction and development on Shangal/Sinjar. Most importantly, the armed and illegitimate forces, especially the PKK should be fired.

“The PKK is an illegal force imposing itself on the people of the region and preventing the return of refugees. Now, the presence of PKK armed men in Sinjar is a major obstacle to the return of the people and the reconstruction of Shangal.”

Seydo Chato pointed out:

“The PKK is paving the way for Turkish attacks, and people have been repeatedly targeted by Turkish fighter jets so far and some have been killed. The continued presence of the PKK means the continuation of Turkish attacks and this paves the way for permanent insecurity it does.”

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