Sheikh Muzahim: PKK violates the rights of ethnics

“PKK human rights abuses continue in disputed areas of the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi central government. We have called on international organizations to work for pressuring the PKK to evacuate these areas, especially the Arab areas,” said a spokesman for the Arab tribes in the disputed areas.

“Armed groups, especially the PKK, are present in the disputed areas, including Makhmur, Shangal/Sinjar, Kirkuk, Khurmato and Khanaqin, and are working for instability,” said Sheikh Muzahim Al-Hewitt, a spokesman for the Arab tribes in the disputed areas. “The PKK is working against the stability and security of the ethnic groups. The PKK is creating ethnic boundaries. We have called on the United States and national organizations to oust the PKK from the disputed areas.”

“The PKK has secret prisons, especially in Sinjar, and the number of prisoners is high. This group has arrested people illegally, and most of them are from the border areas of Sinjar and Yazidis. Human rights violations has become usual by the PKK and this is a major problem for the local people.”

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