Braille alphabet for Kurdish language

According to the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), quoting a group of scientific and cultural activists, the blind in Kurdistan province in collaboration with the University of Kurdistan, have created a Braille alphabet for the Kurdish language.

The blind people of Kurdistan University have formed a center namely SOMA to work for improving the educational and research situation of the blind. With the support of the Kurdistan Studies Research Institute of the University of Kurdistan, this center standardizes the braille alphabet for Kurdish writing. This while some people have tried to do this in Iran and Turkey or in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq before.

Last year, SOMA and Blind Association of Kurdistan University held meetings to improve and standardize Kurdish braille to help the blind in writing and reading.

The result of this team work, explained carefully and in detail in terms of methods and difficulties, is presented in a manifesto entitled “Kurdish Braille Standardization”.

Braille is a tactile handwriting for reading and writing texts that can be regulated by people of any language for their handwriting.

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