PJAK needs to clarify the fate of Aresh Daneshvar!

Iran Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, which considers its main task to follow the fate of Iranian children abducted by Kurdish terrorist groups, interviewed Arash Daneshvar’s family last year to follow up on his fate.

In that interview, our reporter heard from Aresh’s father: “Aresh went to the back of the village to play with other children and never returned! “After my son Aresh left, my life became dark and my wife waited for him to return home every day or stared at the TV for hours so that she might find out about him.”

Aresh disappeared together with three other underage boys. Two of them have managed to escape, and have told the story of their deceptive recruitment.

Read more about Aresh Daneshvar:

The (forced) recruitment of four underaged boys in Ney village, Mariwan, Iranian Kurdistan


In a new interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Mr. Daneshvar emphasized that he was still pursuing his son’s fate, but had not been able to return to the Kurdistan Region because of Corona. Aresh’s father is the local school janitor.


Aresh Daneshvar is the second in the top picture. The other boys are also from Ney village, and have been taken at the same time.


Daneshvar’s statements and requests are as follows:

“Please if anyone has any information, let me know the news from Arash.”

“Unfortunately, due to the working conditions and the bad conditions in Iraqi Kurdistan and Corona, we have not yet been able to go to the KRG and try to find our son. Even if we come back after this period (it has been several years now), they may not tell us the truth. In fact, they deny Arrsh’s presence, or others say that he is in training! They are never clear!”

“Some families have gone to PJAK headquarters before, but instead of helping and comforting them, the PJAK forces disrespected them. I’m sad that my son was a child and he was only in the first grade of high school. They played with his childish feelings and we, his family, do not have any rest, night and day. His mother cannot sleep, she thinks about him day and night. I have to take her to the hospital because she gets too depressed and upset.”

“They should not play with these children and their feelings. Because children do not have the power and understanding yet to make such big decisions, and they are emotional! Children do not have the ability to stay in groups like PJAK, that lack of even the most basic facilities! I still do not understand why my child should be present in PJAK, and the caves of this group, instead of school! My child wass studying and living in a good place. Where is he now?”

Our reporter once again asked mr. Daneshvar why he did not travel to Qandil, as most families attempt this trip multiple times.

“I definitely want to! But my problem is his mother’s insistence. His mother wants to be with me on this trip. I’m worried she’ll get worse. Because PJAK may not tell us about him again. Unfortunately, we do not get anywhere inside Iran. That is, we do not know how to solve the problem. I will definitely go to the KRG, and I will not return to Iran until I get a proper answer. Because I’m worried sick about my child. I am afraid that PJAK will send him to Turkey or Syria, and in the end we will not even be able to see Aresh’s body.”

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